#Chicken #Lombardy

Chicken Lombardy
#Chicken #Lombardy

#Chicken #Lombardy

Marsala wine and mozzarella cheese got together and decided to skip the traditional hen marsala on the menu, rather upping the ante with a buttery pan seared chook & mushroom dish referred to as chicken lombardy. It sounds fancy, however you’ll soon discover it’s shockingly simple. It’s the pleasant use of both wine & cheese in a single recipe!

I can certainly say this chook lombardy isn’t a local dish, or even a circle of relatives heirloom. Unexpected, right? Since it’s italian sounding?

That is one of these a good deal cherished recipes that no one is pretty certain in which it originated. All of us seemed to discover the components & the instructions on facebook even though. Not anything incorrect with that given that there doesn’t appear to be an original source to offer credit where credit is due. Disappointing although for the very identical reason.

Seeing that then though, there’ve been an excellent many theories on in which this recipe simply originated from. It’s mechanically the pleasant, classic italian american element to pop out of my kitchen in the closing 5 years. It sincerely is that proper.

I’d heard a tale that it was as soon as on olive garden’s menu, however i haven’t found some thing to returned that account up. I imply, they do have a addiction of naming their important fowl dishes after areas in italy. Lombardy is a place in northwest italy too. So on that the front, it’s a great guess.

Nevertheless there’s some other college of idea (and fanatics) that declare it originates from wisconsin. The house of the late, extraordinary vince lombardi- notorious player and educate.

Whichever model, whether or not authentic or not, they’re each super origin tales. On occasion that’s all we are able to desire for. And this chicken lombardy is pretty much the whole lot i should’ve hoped for and greater.

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